14 Aug 2013

5 Anti theft Application for Safety of Your Android Device

If you have expensive android smart phone or planning to buy expensive android smart phone, then this post is especially for you. Don't worry if your android device is missing or stolen, Here I am going to explain 5 Android Anti theft applications which help you get your smart phone back.


Many times this happened that we kept our phone on silent and forgotten where we kept it, At that time RingMyDroid application will help you. You have to just download this app from google play store and type your secret keyword phase. When you forgot where is you your silent android phone, Just SMS the secret keyword phase from any other mobile to your Android mobile. As soon as your phone receive the Key Phrase in the SMS, it will start ringing at it's full volume even when it is kept on 'Silent mode'.

To Download RingMyDroid click here.

Android Device Manager:

As per the latest announcement by google, last week, Android Device Manager has now rolled out for android smart phones and tablets. To use inbuilt feature in your device, go to setting >> security you find Device administrators setting. Go in it and enable android device manager by tapping on checkbox. Now you will able to track its location on goolge maps. This feature is available for all Android 2.2 and above versions.

Wheres My Droid:

Wheres My Droid is the first find your phone app on the Google's Android play store continues to get better and better. With the latest and advanced features this application become more ease and safe to track your missing smart phone. This app can turn your ring volume up and make your device ring also can get GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps.

To Download Wheres my droid click here.

Plan B:

If you hadn't install any tracking application on your smartphone before it was stolen, Plan B applications will be the last option to get location of your device. This app locate your device using cell towers and GPS, and send it to your G-mail Inbox.

To Download PlanB click here.

Android Lost Free:

This is very effective application to find your stolen device. You can active alarm via SMS or web with flashing screen. You can enable or disable GPS,  data, wi-fi and also can get latest call list with this application. With it's remote install features this app can be installed after stolen device. You can get SIM change alert on your email and also able to take pictures from smart phone camera.

To Download Android Lost Free click here.


This free android application let you locate your device via GPS, It can track SIM card changes details and also can view the images which have been taken by your stolen device through the web. AntiDroidTheft is oldest and very popular application. This application is also used for child tracking.

To Download AntiDroidTheft click here.

I hope above applications and features will be helpful for you in future. If you have any suggestions or other brilliant application to protect your android smart phone, let me know via comment.


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