16 Oct 2013

Googl's Matt Cutts : Don't Rely on Just One Channel after Hummingbird Update

Google introduce their brand-new algorithm “Hummingbird”. Now google provides the more accurate results to their users. That's the great news for google users. However, at the other end in SEO persons who are working to get business leads by getting the highest rank in google, They lose their ranks in google. Now google prefers informative sits for top rank.

This is very crucial time for SEO executive; they have to generate leads for business, But as per new update corporate sites lose their rank in google. To handle such types of situation google posted a video of googl'e distinguished engineer Matt Cutts in webmaster blog.

Check out the video of Matt Cutts:

Video Transcript:

In this video, Matt Cutts said that google always changes their algorithm as per the requirements. Spammers always try to find the new short cuts for ranking in google, so we find their sort cut and to resolve such types of spamming we regularly update our algorithm. It's never going to be complete. Google always tries to make harder for spammers to get rank in google. Such types of changes make google batter and batter and help users to get the perfect results they required.

Matt Cutts also said that for corporate website, It is very hard to get rank in google. Now the question is what about getting leads for business from other sources such as social media leads? Cutts said if you are not ranking in top position in google, then try to find new source channels. If you have good and valuable content and providing such types of content to users all the times, then you can easily rank in google.


Google now focusing end users, they are trying to provide high value to the end users. This is another case where google focus on good content. Google's new algorithm update makes SEO companies unhappy. If you have any questions or update about hummingbird update, then you can write in the comment box.


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