20 Sep 2013

Top 10 Most Advanced iOS 7 Features [Images]

Apple launched most awaited iOS 7 on last Wednesday. iOS 7 comes with many advanced features. Check out given video of the most advanced features of iOS 7.

Let's Talk about Top 10 Features of iOS 7:

Automatic app updating :

Now iOS users doesn't need to check for software updates. Automatic app update features is now available to save the users time and effort to update your recent software with new version.

Control Center:

In the latest version of Apple's iOS they provides very handy features. Control Center is one of them. Now in iOS 7 users can swipe up on the touch screen to open the control center, By using this you can easily adjust screen brightness, change the profile mode and also can turn on iPhone's flashlight.

Photo Filters:

Now iOS users can filter their images with in iOS 7 Camera app, there isn't any need to install external applications or Instagram to filter images in their device. New feature provide total 9 filters that users can apply on them before or after capture image.


Same as Samsung’s galaxy smart phone feature, Now Apple provides AirDrop features to their users. AirDrop offers users who are near to each other they cam share their images, video and any other items using Wi-Fi or Blue-tooth.

Dynamic Wallpapers:

iOS 7 comes with the live feeling. Dynamic Wallpapers is the features which appear on the background of the device that makes you a real feeling on the device screen.

iTunes Radio:

Now in iOS 7 users can easily get use Internet radio services by using iTunes Radio. With this iTunes radio users can stream music for free on their device.

Swipe to Go Back:

In this updated iOS navigation from current page to previous page become very easy and fast with Swipe to back feature. Just swipe to go back to previous pages saves many time of users. This feature will work on some applications such as Safari, Messages and Mail.

Safari's Smart Search Field:

Now on the top of the safari browser you can see only one field where you can search or use as address-bar. In new iOS 7 they combine address and search fields, You simply do a search query or type any website address to open it. This minor feature will surely save many effort of users to use this browser.

iCloud Keychain:

Now at the time of using any shopping sites, banking sites or any other site which provides you login ID and password. This new feature iCloud Keychain, you don't need to remember passwords and user-name for such websites.

FaceTime Audio:

FaceTime Audio will helps you to save your call minutes. By using this feature you can talk to other iOS users for free. Same as video calling or Skype you call to other iOS users via Internet. They helps you to save your money. You can use this feature on Wi-Fi also.

There are so many other features also available on iOS 7. If you have any idea about other great features of iOS 7 then you post on the comment box. 

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