16 Aug 2013

All About iPhone 5C - Specification, Features, Date of Launching and Price

Apple announced to launch 2 devices in this running year. 1st is iPhone 5S and 2nd is iPhone 5C. All ios lovers are talking about latest upcoming apple's cheapest iPhone device – iPhone 5C. Smart phone Seekers are too curious to get budget iPhone 5C in their hands. Hence it become mysterious especially for ios developers "How apple provides that much features in low cost?" and secondly for users that "what will be the specifications and features??"

As per apple's tradition they always believe to provide quality, they never did any types of sacrifice in pricing to provide quality product. This time they announce to lunch cheep iPhone for ios lovers who can not afford costly devices.

Some Specifications and features of iPhone 5C


Same as Apple TV, iPhone 5C has power of Single core AC processor with 1 GB RAM and It will be available in variants of 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB of memory. Basically It will be contain same processing chip which apple has used in iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.


As per company announcement, there will be the Plastic body of iPhone 5C. It is hoped to mixture designed of all iPhone products like flat sides same as iPod classic. Dimension would be same as iPhone 5, volume buttons will be similar to iPod 8. With 64mm width, 120mm height and 9mm thickness iPhone 5C will attract the users attentions.


Same as iPhone 5 it is loaded with 4" Retina display with Gorilla glass. There will be Little amount of degradation in resolution compare to iPhone 5, but it will be enough to beat its competitors.


As per the reliable sources 8 megapixel camera with blue lens glass will be in new iPhone 5C same as iPhone 5.


It will be available in multiple colors (It will be  available in 5 or more colors) like blue, navy, gold, yellow, pink , green and orange. So there will be so many options available in color for the users. As per the rumors it contain which color in back-panel and black color in front panel.

Launching Date

As per the reliable sources, Apple planned to launch this awaited devices on the next month. It will be available for users in September 2013. So there is no need to wait longer for iPhone 5C.


As per it's specifications and apple's announcement we can assume that iPhone 5C will believed to be priced between $400 to $500. It will be budget friendly device compare to other iPhone devices.

As per the specifications and features It will be good deal for low end users . I hope iPhone 5C starts new trend in mobile industry and in future we can get such type of budget friendly devices. Now just wait and watch how iPhone 5C change the vision of mobile industry. What you think about iPhone 5C, Write your valuable opinion in comment box.

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  1. Good to get a detailed info on iPhone 5c the low cost mobile. recently come across about iPhone Gold so still there is no clear views either iPhone 5S or 5c be the gold...And here you have described its speculations clear. So what would be the next iPhone gold?