8 Aug 2014

3 Tips for Using SEO for Effective Branding Strategy

Search engine optimization is the best way to build your online presence through search engines. Now a days search engines become smarter and intelligent to identify small spammy activity. Most of all search engines now inspiring businesses to focus on branding. Google – world’s no.1 search engine also pointing out to build brand instead of back-links.

It becomes very crucial to do branding using SEO activity. Today we will take a look at how we can use SEO activity to build online brand.

  • Focus On your Niche:
Focusing in many areas will dilute your efforts and it will be very harmful for your branding results. Instead of focusing in all area it is batter to focus on your niche only.  Using informative and expert level content on related to your niche is one of the best ways to boost your branding efforts. According to Moz Article,
Obviously, search engines favour brands known to be experts in their respective fields.
Building a brands depend upon quality not on quantity, So always use unique, creative and well written content to prove you are a leader in your niche.

  • Optimize Your Keywords for The Art of Semantic Search:
In the earlier days of SEO, most of website owners and marketers used very generic way to gather keyword data. They only used standard keyword to promote their services or product.  But after that lots of search engine algorithm updates set the focus of marketer on semantic search terms (keywords).

Semantic search term means that terms which users actually use to fulfill their requirements. Google’s keyword planner helps you to get such type of semantic terms and it’s relevant synonyms that people are searching for online. In this part we have to think like a user not a marketer.

  • Identify Your Audience:
Before creating content strategy you have to understand your audience first. Your content strategy is not especially to attract search engine it also to attract your audience. Article on entrepreneur.com points out,
Creating content without understanding your audience is a complete waste of time and money.

By focusing on related niche, using semantic search terms and by identifying audience, we can plan our content marketing strategy for effective branding campaign.


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